1. Knitcast, Episode 9!

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    So, so long overdue: here’s the ninth episode of the Knitcast! To be honest, Johanna and I recorded an episode in February, but it got eaten by the terrible audio gods. I couldn’t inflict that on you!

    In this episode, Johanna and I talk about weightlifting (really!), a whole host of patterns for tiny-human knitting, sock knitting (of course), and Ballmer Peak.

    Here’s a shortlist of some of the patterns we talked about:

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  2. Anxiety weaving?

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    I’m in Miami for the entire month of February for my Code for America fellowship. We were warned in our January training that this month was going to be very intense and very busy, and I don’t think there’s ever been a greater understatement.

    It’s top to bottom meetings and introductions at least five days a week, plus a major community event called Code Across America (which in Miami is a day-long thing), plus living with two people for a month in a strange city. It’s hard, and it’s meant to be, and that’s not a bad thing, because it’s also very, very satisfying.

    But it does mean that we need to take care of ourselves. For me, that means managing social and general anxiety, so that I have the energy and patience and (hardest for me) empathy to do my job properly. You know how I manage anxiety?

    I make.

    So I brought sock knitting with me to Miami. Johanna refers to plain-vanilla socks as “anxiety socks,” and they are aptly named, so I’m on my third pair for the year. But this weekend, halfway through residency, they weren’t enough. So I went to Michael’s, intending to buy Aida cloth and floss to try my hand at some blackwork. I came home with a big pack of basically friendship bracelet yarn, which I decided to try and weave (and also the cloth and floss and embroidery needles).

    Hence the above photo. I’ve been digging into the idea of weaving for a while, because I like the flat fabric, and I recently came a cross a thing called “inkle weaving,” which produces narrow, flat straps. But of course, I don’t have an inkle loom…or any loom. So I made myself a makeshift thing to hold some warp (a safety pin, and three stitch markers, and the zipper on the pants I was wearing) and tried to needle weave.

    It works, sort of. I now understand the wisdom of heddles when weaving, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to San Francisco, where I have the pieces of a small backstrap rigid-heddle loom waiting for me to play with them!